Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Objects from the Cuming Museum, London

I must post a big thankyou to someone who has sent me a gift. Apparently Mr. Roland Pangborn from Nichols Canyon Rd. California is a regular follower of my blog and he has kindly sent me a postcard he came across in a yard sale recently. Mr. Pangborn is a postcard collector but managed to relinquish this one and send it to me. I have a section here on my blog (one of the 'other pages') of look-alikes. Several of these are images followers have found and passed on to me. This one will be joining them. 
This postcard shows two interesting archeological artifacts called 'Billy and Charley's'. One seems to be a representation of me although these lead sculptures were from a long time back. 

My investigation has revealed that William (Billy) Smith and Charles (Charley) Eaton were two nineteenth century forgers who made fake 'mediaeval' leaden figures and medallions that they then 'found' in the Thames. These two are in the collection of the Cuming Museum in South London.

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