Sunday, 13 March 2016

Guatemalan Flying Frog...a chance to see my specimens

Heres news of an imminent opportunity to meet me and more importantly see 'in the flesh' the amazing collection of interesting animal and ghost specimens that have come into my possession and which I have been restoring.
On the weekend of March 19 and 20, 2016 I shall be making available for viewing these remarkable items as part of the Telegraph Hill Open Studios in South London UK. I currently live in the house of artist Brian McKenzie and he is taking part in this annually occuring event. Here is a link with info about the event including map and address....

Moving on now....
In my last post I mentioned the frog specimen. Here is the jar as it was when I took possession; incredibly murky but definitely containing an intriguing looking something!

I decided to research and then tackle the restoration of the specimen. I carefully removed the wax sealing material and forced off the long-sealed glass stopper lid. Inside was old preserving alchohol which smelt ghastly and tasted foul. I poured this away to reveal the remarkable critter within. It was quite robust and I was able to handle and gently clean it without causing any major damage.

The creature does, as described on the label, appear to be a frog with wings.
Its eyes are on stalks like a snail.

I refilled the original jar with pure preserving achohol and gently replaced the little being into the jar as quickly as possible to avoid any untoward dissintergation. Here it is now viewable in its full nature. Please come to visit next weekend and see this and the other extraordinary specimens I will make available for display.

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