Saturday, 21 February 2015

Boscian look-alikes?

I've been sent several images from people enquiring whether their image is of me. I'm going to start a separate page on the blog here (in the 'pages' section at the top right) for Look-alikes, so please do send more images. 

This looks like a Polaroid image. Its not me, but I can see why Marcel Dzama has sent it to inquire whether it is. 

This one was sent by 'anonymous' and does bear a remarkable similarity to me. It's possibly a distant relative and I shall investigate further.

Definitely not me. Too green. Sent by Vanessa Woolfe.

This one definitely is me. Thanks to 'Derek' from Nunhead for sending it in to my blog.
(by the way you can contact me by clicking on 'more about Bosci' button in the side-bar to view my e-mail address at the bottom of this section). Derek took this picture during my appearance in 2012 in the Nunhead Open Art Exhbition. I spent two days in a deep meditative trance whilst visitors entered my darkened cell where they could examine an earlier manifestation of my cupboard-possessions-museum. This has now transmuted into my current chamber where I sit, sleep, work and contemplate and which also houses my growing collection of important objects and living essentials. 

Thursday, 12 February 2015


What a fascinating word 'monster' is. Some people have described me as a monster. I'm simply different. I came across a reference to a monstrosity in one of my found Illustrated London News compilations (more about these in my 'prevention of stuffiness' post below, 2nd Jan 2015). I found a picture of a plant monstrosity from Kew Gardens and some amazing pictures of some Michelangelo sculptures that were forgotten and encrusted with coverings of earth and debris. I've also included another clipping that I liked with some invaluable advise.  

These clippings shall go on the wall of my cabinet.

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Some of my drawings

Here are some drawings from my current log of ideas for equipment for myself. These are all things I hope to make myself or commission professionals to construct. The road car is a long term goal. Spectacles, I dont need yet but anticipate one day I may require and realise that conventional spectacles wont easily stay on my head. I'm hoping to enhance my megare diet with more fish based food, hence the diving apparatus.