Friday, 3 November 2017


For the recent longest time I have been resident in a fascinating 1950's library in central London. It's a super building and Camden council agreed to my request to use the lower now closed off archive and children's library basement area as a place to continue my research and investigations into all things. For the next two weekends (Fri to Sun Nov. 3,4,5 and then 10,11,12) a local adult education establishment called Morley College, just over the River Thames in Southwark/Lambeth, have taken over some of the library spaces to show artwork by the college's tutor's. I met with many of these folk and have enjoyed seeing what they've done and find them a delightful bunch of artists showing intriguing work on the whole. During the exhibition dates you'd be welcome to come and visit me and discuss my work and latest discoveries. I have a small cupboard space in the basement.

Here's a link to the Morley College/Holborn Library website.

and some pictures of the spaces now full of art.

The impressive entrance area

Lift to the Basement

Steph Buttle and myself discussing the spaces

Organiser Peter Baxter

The library is much loved and used well by the local community

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